Head to Heart

Change is happening all the time. Everything changes and nothing is ever constant. We all know this. But what if change happens in your life? What if you’re experiencing a shift that you don’t understand? You suddenly find yourself asking questions like why don’t I like my job anymore? Why don’t I feel like I’m connecting with the people I hang out with any longer? Why are the things that used to make me happy not cutting it anymore? The changes can be so overwhelming, but you don’t have to feel lost, anxious, or exasperated trying to figure them out. Welcome to Your Spiritual Journey, a podcast aimed at helping you through the changes in your life. Hosted by David Newkirk, the show will empower you to navigate all the challenges from awakening to enlightenment. As Principal and Founder of ETHOS Consulting – his organization is a socially conscious, multi-entity focused creating long-term success for those businesses and individuals who are purpose-driven towards positive experiences and outcomes for others – David’s work focuses on strategy, empowerment, leadership development, and alignment between who people are and the businesses they own or lead. His work has been a source of innovative thinking that has changed how industries and business leaders adapt to the ongoing dynamic changes impacting them. The innovation has led to his creation of ADEPT6, a program that is changing how businesses adapt and make changes to sustain growth and profitability. Since he was a young boy at 6 years of age, David was experiencing life very differently from his friends and family. His insights on people and all living things is his story of spiritual belief and growth despite being surrounded by an environment not ready for someone such as himself. He also needed to have his own journey to fully understand his gifts & purpose as a healer, a medium and to guide to those seeking a better understanding of themselves and how be just “be” with abundance in life. David is frequently asked to speak on the topic of personal transformation, awakening, enlightenment and aligning oneself to their purpose. His speaking engagements include workshops, industry conferences, and podcasts. Now, through Your Spiritual Journey, he is helping people of all ages and from all walks of life get a better sense of understanding of themselves so they’re able to take action through conversations with special guests who share their insights and perspective of things. Sometimes change will require us to take action that our ecosystem of friends, family, and co-workers will not be able to understand, causing us to have that fear of judgment, fear of acceptance, or fear of making that transition. We begin doubting ourselves or that new vision, and we feel lost and we’re left groping with fear in the dark. Cut through that fear and the repercussions and stigmas that come with it. Here on Your Spiritual Journey, we’ll help you visualize each piece of the puzzle so you’ll understand how things fit together and become emboldened to face the challenges head on and step into that change. Join Your Spiritual Journey today with David Newkirk and start navigating the challenges from awakening to enlightenment.

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