The Mystical Entrepreneur

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As an Entrepreneur, have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Or perhaps you felt alone growing up around people that just don’t “get” you? Like you honed some kind of superpower, but couldn’t express it? Personally, it made me feel like a stranger and inadequate. I spent years trying to suppress it in order to fit in this world! How’ bout you? You are invited to investigate and discover with us new realms of possibilities to design and innovate in a world of infinite opportunities through divine order and for the highest good. If you’re looking for a tribe that will accept and embrace you, quirks and all, then this is definitely the place for you! Our time to be heard and seen is here! We have volunteered to bring forth wisdom to the new world, a mystical era that allows us to liberate our true unique Self and to be the creators of a supreme reality, igniting ‘heaven on Earth’, guiding others towards Self-Mastery! Bonjour and welcome to The Mystical Entrepreneur! The Mystical Entrepreneur is the perfect podcast   to help you elevate your mind, eradicate fears, deepen your self-awareness which are the keys to entrepreneurial success. Intuition is a muscle that needs to be exercised in business and life and your host, Juju, is here to guide you so you will feel empowered and inspired! If you are questioning everything you’ve ever learned or been taught until now, you are not alone! Traditional schools & institutions crippled us from unleashing our full potential. That’s why we evolved into entrepreneurs because we have the audacity to take risks, to speak the truth and to embrace the changes that lead to prosperity! What’s holding you back? When Juju came to America as an illegal immigrant, she was instantly homeless. She didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak English . Armed with just a guitar, a small suitcase, and only 50 dollars in her pockets, she quickly realized that she had to GO WITHIN TO WIN! You don’t have to identify with your circumstances and conditions from your past anymore! You can trust yourself beyond logic. When you listen to this podcast.  You won’t feel alone anymore! You will get tools to unlock your purpose and gifts You will discover how to make better decisions. You will be Enter-Trained. You will ignite to take action! Are you ready to Go Within To Win? Juju holds space for some of the world’s most successful and Mystical Entrepreneurs of our time, sharing their hearts with you, so you can be free to declare your joy, passion and mission, unleashing The Mystical Entrepreneur in you!

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